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BGStar® and iBGStar® blood glucose meters now launched in Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain

Following rapidly on launches in France and Germany, Sanofi Diabetes has now launched its first blood glucose meters in Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain. The innovative new BGStar meters allow highly accurate monitoring of blood glucose levels using stylishly and discreetly designed devices with Dynamic Electrochemistry – an intelligent technology that compensates automatically for potential errors caused by interference factors. In addition, the new iBGStar enables viewing and analysing of blood glucose levels and trends on the go, using an iPhone or iPod Touch.

BGStar® and iBGStar® blood glucose meters now launched in Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain

Each of the countries in which the BGStar meters are available has developed support services and materials for patients and health care professionals as part of Sanofi Diabetes’ commitment to holistic support for people living with diabetes. Here are some of the details:

In Italy

BGStar was launched on 5th of September, with iBGStar to follow on 14th of November, both available through Diabetes Centres, Wholesalers and Pharmacies. A special hotline service is available for patients on a Toll free number – 800 13 12 12 – available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. to help answer patients’ questions about glucose monitoring and the use of Sanofi meters and injection pens.

In The Netherlands

Both the BGStar and iBGStar were launched in The Netherlands on 1st of September, available through pharmacies and medical mail order companies. A toll-free Hotline number: 0800 0802 (BGStar Customer Service Center) is available during office hours  for patients and healthcare professionals. A special bonus for users of the iBGStar is that a discount has been arranged on the cost of an iPhone through T-Mobile®. Details available on: www.ibgstaractie.nl.

In Switzerland

Both BGStar and iBGStar were launched on 10th of October. Both meters are available through pharmacies, physicians or online at www.bgstar.ch, and are supported by a comprehensive range of services and literature.
A Hotline in three languages (German, Italian and French) is available on 0800 87 0800 seven days a week. Translation cards for the BGStar display wording are available in those languages plus a further six languages such as Arabic and Turkish to ensure that everyone who can benefit from the innovative BGStar and iBGStar meters has full support for their use. New BGStar users in Switzerland can access a postal disposal service for old, outdated meters.

In Spain

BGStar will be available through physicians. People with diabetes who may benefit from the new meters will be advised by their health care professional.

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